Friday, August 14, 2009

BarBirds twitter toolbar; Dynamic HTML The Definitive Reference

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Now you can use your favorite community site easy by using the new toolbar; "BarOfBirds"

By using the bar you can:

- Tweet directly, without even being on the twitter site
- Visit the greatest twitter tools (twitter backgrounds, twitter followers, twitter buttons, and much more!)
- Search on twitter, by typeing in a keyword and search for least posts with that keyword in.
- Hot topics, see whats hot on twitter right now, and search by the hottest topics.


For socializing the toolbar even more, we have created some extra functions.
- ShareThis, and easy way to share the page you are on with you friends on twitter, facebook, myspace, email, and many more!
- A list of social sites you hurry can visit, with just one click.
- Instant Messenger, use messenger in you toolbar with ebuddy, just type in you id and pass, and you are in!


Protection and fun.
- Pop-up blocker, block those annoying pop-ups you get, this follows with the toolbar.
- Gadgets, gives you oppunity to find fun a good-to-use gadgets.


Watch video to see how it works:


toolbar powered by Conduit

Slideshow for twitter toolbar

What do you think of the toolbar?